How is Virgin Coconut Oil Beneficial to Your Skin?

November 14, 2018


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When it comes to the health of skin virgin coconut oil is the master of all saturated fats. There is almost nothing which this miracle oil can’t do. It helps the epidermis with cleansing, moisturizing and even reduces dark spots and fine lines. Unlike other moisturising lotions that contain artificial agents and chemicals, this natural moisturizer is absolutely pure, unrefined and cold-pressed. It is free from any kind of harmful toxins that may be dangerous for the epidermis in the long run.

Following are some of the virgin coconut oil benefits for skin:

Natural Moisturizer

Virgin coconut oil is a non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. It quickly seeps into the tissues without leaving any kind of residue. It keeps the epidermis thoroughly moisturized throughout the day leaving it soft and smooth.
Provides Hydration

VCO provides all-time day and night non-greasy hydration which is unlike chemical-laden moisturizers that provide temporary hydration for a limited period of time. On constant application, it removes dry and flaky skin.
Controls pimple outbreak

VCO consists of lauric acid and antioxidants that assist in killing the bacteria causing pimples as well as acne. Regular application of VCO may also help reduce the scars caused due to acne.
Prevents fine lines

VCO, if applied on a daily basis may help prevent the negative effects of harmful chemicals, dust and pollution which are the primary reasons for premature- ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.
Prevents tanning

VCO consists of essential minerals, antioxidants and lauric acid which helps protect the epidermis from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. It is also naturally loaded with an SPF of 8 which prevents the skin from tanning.

Protects the skin from harmful infections

VCO is naturally loaded with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. These natural properties of VCO act as a shield against the entry of harmful pathogens into the skin. This oil also consists of lauric acid which is a natural anti-bacterial agent.
Deeply cleanses

The face is one of the most exposed parts of the body to harmful chemicals, artificial products, dust, UV rays, pollution, toxins and germs. These unhealthy particles easily seep into the pores of the epidermis and clog them. VCO is mild and is easily absorbed into the follicles which dissolve the hardened sebum and brings it to the surface of the skin.

Virgin coconut oil is absolutely pure, natural and chemical-free. It is an extremely stable oil due to the presence of lauric acid in the most natural form (after mother’s milk) and its healthy saturated fat content. It is considered a miracle oil because of its host of benefits to skin, hair and health. It is free from any kind of added preservatives or additives, hence all the essential nutrients in the oil are preserved. It is completely safe to use on the skin.