Finer Nuances of Beauty Makeup

November 16, 2018


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Beauty is skin deep only which is why one has to pay special attention to it. The more time and effort one spends on the makeup, the more attractive the person becomes. To do this, one needs a professional touch. This is where you hire a makeup artist to do the makeup for you.

Help from the Makeup Artist

On her wedding day, the bride is not in a position to do her own makeup. You can hire the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi if you are from there to do the makeup. They know what to do for this. They use a combination of powders, creams, lotions, and foundations to create the right effect for the face. When a bride begins her new chapter, the traditional solah shringar is used to make her look perfect. It means sixteen adornments and these are required as per the Hindu scriptures.

Each of the sixteen adornments helps to make the woman beautiful in one specific way. The bhindi placed on the forehead represents the mystic third eye. The nose piercing helps the woman in several ways from giving her more control over her thoughts to lessening the pain during childbirth. Bangles improve the circulation of the blood and energy through the hands and the organs.

Symbolism of the Vermilion

The vermillion applied to the parting of the hair is done by the bridegroom for the first time. It helps augment the well-being of the couple. Usually, they put this first on the bride. After this is the kajal or anjana that is the ashes of the coal fire mixed with oil. This gives a black appearance to the eyes and makes them shining.

The bride will wear a nose ring especially on auspicious occasions to accent the nose and the features of the face. It is made of gold or silver and may have diamonds and rubies. Along with this you have the earrings, a essential part of the ensemble of the bride’s ornaments. Ear cuffs, jhumkas, and Kaunda are common. The necklace is the main adornment in the whole jewelry set. It comes in many forms and can be made from gold or silver with precious stones embedded in it. The Bridal Makeup Cost in Delhi begins at 2,000 INR and goes up to 4,000 INR. The makeup artist will do the face and eyes makeup. They might do mehendi make up if you want.

Application of Mehendi

The mehendi makes the hands of the bride deep red in color. This adds to the beauty and allure. There are many patterns of mehendi and so one must choose the one they like before hand. The makeup artist will apply this pattern to the hands. Usually, the mehendi pattern stays on the hands for one whole month.

To complete the adornments, one uses bangles. These help to add the gloss to the makeup. It makes the woman complete and helps her take part in the ceremony with a full mind and heart.