What Are Betting Tips Apps and Why They Have Populated the App Stores

November 25, 2019


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In Italy as in the rest of the European countries, the apps related to betting web sites are becoming increasingly popular, and are created for every possible need, let’s say you just need to think of a need that you first had to look for on the web now it’s very easy to find the solution to own problem in the app stores that is Apple’s Play Store or App Store. Betting tips apps could not be missing, more and more applications are generated to bring people into the network of so-called PRs that create their network of customers by attracting them with positive screens or mind-boggling multiples. These apps are not secure, the risk factor is very high and the owners of these apps earn on the loss of bets placed within their customer network. Rare events like the winnings of a multiple will never compensate for the loss you had previously so better not trust the apps that promise you earnings with their daily predictions. However, there are apps that are not interested in affiliation and therefore do not take into account the gains due to the loss of an event, but they are paid or subscription apps created by companies that develop statistics and predict events so they are more reliable than apps unsigned or registered to people. It is our advice not to take advantage of the “Betting Tips” app, in this way it is entrusted even if virtually your own wallet to other people and the loss of money implies an emotional stress different from that due to your own abilities. As in many articles we encourage everyone to have their own strategy and a methodical study that reinforces their skills. If you need apps to go deeper into the statistics of the studies, it’s always better to search through the comments and see who the app provider is.